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Financial advice regime to begin 15 March

Information on how to access dispute resolutions services is one of the disclosure requirements for financial advisers, aimed at ensuring consumers are better informed. The new regime begins 15 March.

Story from Good Returns: 25 June, 2020

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Introducing Kendall Flutey & Teresa Tepania-Ashton

CEO of financial literacy platform Banqer, Kendall Flutey, and Māori Women’s Leadership Inc CEO, Teresa Tepania-Ashton, will contribute strongly to the future direction of the IFSO Scheme as Commissioners.

Story from Insurance Business NZ: 13 June, 2020

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Don't get stung by your loan, says Commerce Commission

If you're after a loan, make sure you what you’ll pay all up before you lock it in. The Commerce Commission 'don't get stung by your loan' campaign explores the cost of loans, borrower rights, and lender obligations. See the video.

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Retirement Commissioner on financial vulnerability

A survey of New Zealanders undertaken during Level 4 showed 40% of households were at risk of hardship, and says Retirement Commissioner Jane Wrightson.

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Featured Case Studies

Swiss watch swiped in Spain image
Check for exclusions and limitations. Travel exceeded 90-day limit on credit card
The credit card travel insurance policy had a 90-day limit. The watch was stolen on day 57 of the 100-day trip.
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The great train station robbery image
Check your policy exclusions. Don’t ever leave your bags unattended in public places
Raj's bag, worth $13,000, was stolen at Zurich train station when he walked briefly to the rubbish bin.
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Full medical history needed image
Tell your insurer your full medical history, even if it's old news.
When Rose arranged insurance, she didn’t mention her depression, skin, sinuses, spine, liver, cholesterol or ear issues.
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Excluding tonsils, not adenoids image
Provide medical details for everyone under the policy.
Dougal's insurer declined to pay for his daughter Sally’s adenotonsillectomy, because she'd had enlarged tonsils.
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